An excerpt from Surrender Love

Luc and Izzorah are lovers at this point, and they've wandered out into the kitchen for snacks in the middle of the night.

They kick back and talk, getting to know one another.


"This is the best evening I've had in months." Luc slid down in his chair and stretched, reaching both arms over his head. "I need some time off. I think I'll take you for a week of vacation. Spend some time getting to know you better."

"A vacation?" Izzorah's ears perked up. "Where?"

"Where do you want to go?"

"I-- I've traveled with Kumwhatmay, but I've never vacationed in the Empire."

"Not even the beach?"

Izzorah shook his head. "Never been."

"The beach it is. Can you swim?"

"Yes. I used to go camping back home. We had rivers. I can paddle a tsiyusdi."

Luc leaned in. "Say that again, slower."


"Which means...?"

"It's a kind of boat. You know, a device to get water in your shoes and your butt wet."

A hand over his chest, Luc laughed aloud. Beside Izzorah's seat, Luc drew him close, kissed him and held on, kissing as if it was all he had to do.

"Are you sore?"

Izzorah's cheeks went scalding hot. He'd spent the last few hours stark naked with this man, yet here he was blushing over a question? He needed to get a grip. Drooping both ears down and back, he gave one negative shake of his head.

"Not anywhere?"

Though he squirmed, Izzorah met Luc's gaze. "Okay, a tiny little bit, but I don't mind."

Luc took Izzorah's hand. "I don't want you in pain."

"It's not pain. It's more a burn from hard exercise. You know how when you get your second wind and your muscles ache afterward, but it still feels worth it. It's like that. I'm satisfied in a way I've never been. As if all the tension I ever felt is gone from my body."

Luc held his gaze for a long time, saying nothing. Izzorah felt "studied" in a way he couldn't explain. At last, Luc's mouth curled into a slow smile and he leaned in and kissed him. Sweet, loving, gentle.

"This was your first time. I wanted to make it special." He stroked a fingertip along Izzorah's left ear. "I never want to disappoint you."

"Disappoint? Oh, Luc!" He drew his lover's hand close and kissed his palm. "It was so much better than special. Every time I imagined how my first time would be, it was never as good as what we did."

A crisp mint of gratitude sparked. Luc broke into a serene smile. "I'm glad I could be good for you. You're good for me."

Izzorah slid one claw tip along Luc's jaw. "Am I?"

"Yes. You make me laugh and you help me relax. I need that."

The scent of Luc's contentment made Izzorah's own troubles disappear. There were no deadlines, no concerts or tours. No practice sessions. No fans to please. Nothing but this man. His lover.

His hero.

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