Welcome, Sidelines Readers!

I’m a local Georgia author
and I love eating at Sidelines.
They have the best fajita nachos!

It seemed like a good fit to share my story universe with fellow Georgians, so I asked the manager how I could let patrons in on a sweet deal. Here it is: join my Romance Lives Forever Reader Group and I’ll send you 3 free books plus a bonus book — Who’s Who on Tarth!

Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers
Meet the Antonello brothers and Luc Saint-Cyr, three important people in the huge universe in which I write.

You’ll also get:
Thirty Days of Chaos: Illustrated Quotes by Pietas — an artful collection of quotes and images.
The Tarthian Tour Company Top Stops — an illustrated tour of the Tarthian Empire.
Who’s Who on Tarth — a 57 page treasury of character secrets. You’ll know who’s who in every book you read set in my universe.

Click below to get started.
Yes, send me Bro plus 3 more books!


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