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When the enemy refuses to back off...

Excerpt from Ring of the Dragon

In this scene, Pietas has been cornered in an alley by a group of "purity police" called the estah, who are dead set on nothing more than harrassing him simply because he looks human.

But the immortal king has a surprise for the pompous overseers, and he's about to unleash it.

Pietas returned to the mouth of the alley and stood right in the center. In plain sight.

His people called him the Bringer of Chaos for his strongest Sempervian gift. His power created chaotic feelings with no outside source. In battle, at close quarters, the enemy panicked. But alone with a lover, he could inundate and drown with overwhelming pleasure.

Time was, Cyken had been addicted to that. Addicted to him.

As the first horse came into view, Pietas drew in a deep breath, quieting his mind. While he released the breath, he willed along with it a sense of destruction, picturing a deep blue tide rising between him and the animals. Wraiths of darkness writhed within, twisting, billowing, filling the world beyond his path with slashing jaws and saw-like teeth.

Whinnying, all six horses of the estah balked, rising on hind legs. Their hooves hit the ground out of sync as they dropped back to all fours, backing away, running into each other in confusion. They refused to obey the command to charge forward.

The vision would terrify the animals but not injure them.

Calling upon his affinity with the ice dragon, Stormsinger, he projected an oversized likeness of the beast. Massive, milk-white. His teal-tipped wings the size of ships, fangs gleaming in a mouth formed to swallow horses whole.

Pietas pressed the fingers of his right hand over the turquoise in his ring, summoning power from the remnants of the once-potent stone. He willed disorder and fear, and a sharp command to flee.

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