Finding family (from Bro, a free read) #books #freebook

Imagine finding family you never knew existed. At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, about Senth and NarrAy, is the first book in the Antonello Brothers series. The second story, For Women Only, features Khyff and Mehfawni. Both stories include diverse characters, aliens, and immortals. Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers, is the book where Senth and Khyff each find out the other exists. This snippet is from the first part of Bro. These books have adult themes, but no graphic or explicit content.

Finding family (from Bro, a free read) #books #freebookKhyff Antonello headed for his freedom. He’d satisfied his last client, and was unscheduled the rest of the day. Or at least the next six hours. As usual, Khyff’s master hadn’t allowed him to eat until he’d met his quota. First up: shower, clean clothes, food. Not necessarily in that order. He kept a few stale crackers hidden in his room for emergencies.

“So you’re an Antonello.”

The way the client said it drew Khyff’s attention. This particular client was one of the less odious. He didn’t grab or cling, he was clean (thank you!), and he tipped well. Still, the guy was paying for sex. Khyff had no choice. Being a pleasure slave meant you serviced the clients sent to you, or you suffered for it. In Khyff’s case, refusing meant risking prison.

He would never go back there, no matter what they made him do here.

Khyff clenched his teeth and pasted on a smile. “Pardon?”

“Your last name.” The guy continued getting dressed, seemingly in no hurry. “It’s Antonello, right?”


“I never noticed before. It’s right here on my receipt.” He picked up his mobile and turned the screen toward Khyff. “I mean I’ve been here what… five times now?” He poked at the screen. “Whoa! Seven. Huh. I should have a free visit after three more.”

Khyff choked back a retort. His master was giving away free visits with him? It would take hundreds of client visits to earn enough in his Freedom Savings Account so Khyff could buy himself. If his master was giving him away, it would take forever.

Khyff jerked open the door.

“You don’t look like the other one.”

One step into the hall, Khyff’s heart stuttered. He made a slow pivot. “What?”

“The other Antonello. You look different.”

The world went silent. Finding family. How long had he ached to do that?  Khyff came back inside. He shut the door, and leaned back against it. “So I’m sure I heard right. You know another Antonello.”

“Yeah. I saw the name, and figured you had to be related. Antonello’s not common. Not on Kelthia. I’m guessing you don’t have much family here.”

Good guess. More than three quarters of the world’s population was black-skinned. Khyff had blond hair, blue eyes, aFinding family (from Bro, a free read) #books #freebooknd fair skin.

Could this be a link to his mother? Did the client know her? Khyff fought the hope that rose within him. It had been how many years? No, he would not allow himself to hope. When you hoped, people could hurt you more.

“Is it a woman?” Khyff gestured toward the client. “This other Antonello.”

“Guy. Younger than you. Maybe your age. Has a baby face. Hard to tell. But he’s got curly hair. Dark.” The guy pulled at his own graying hair, and then snapped his fingers. “No, never mind. He wouldn’t be related to you. I just remembered. He’s a HalfKin.”

Half-human, half-feline humanoid Kin.

All the air left the room. Khyff fought to drag in a breath. “What’s his name?”

“Seth, I think. No, Senth. Yeah, that’s it. Senth Antonello.”

The light grayed around the edges.

The guy took a step forward, concern on his face. “Hey, Khyff, you okay? You look a little pale.”

Hearing the name Senth Antonello catapulted Khyff back into the past. To the point in his life when his world had unraveled, torn itself apart, and dumped him into hell. He hit the floor with a smack that stung his hands and knees, and he crumpled.

“Here, let me help you.” The guy hustled across the room.

Khyff curled into a ball. His stomach roiled, and he clamped his jaws down tight, forcing back nausea with sheer force of will.

“Man, Khyff. I take it you know the guy. Stay right there. I’m going to get you some water.” The client crossed the room to the small sink. A sound of splashing followed, and he returned with a glass. “Let me help you sit up a little. Lean on me. Here you go. Sip this.”

Khyff was shaking so badly he could not fight off the man’s touch. He let no one touch him. Not if he could prevent it. He could not bring the glass to his lips.

“Easy. Let me help you.” The client held the glass for him. “There. Just a sip. Okay. One more. There. That’s better.” He squinted, peering into Khyff’s eyes. “Geez, I’m sorry. I had no idea. Who is this guy? Are you related?”

Khyff took another deep breath. He met the client’s gaze. “He’s– I think he’s my brother. Half-brother.”

“You sure? You don’t look anything alike.”

“How many HalfKin can there be with a name like Senth Antonello?” Khyff pushed himself back, away from the man. “Look, keep this to yourself, okay? I don’t want my master knowing I have family. He’d use it against me somehow.”

“Sure thing.”

If there was one thing Khyff hated, it was being touched, even when the other person was gentle. But he owed this guy. Seven times he’d been here, and Khyff had no idea what his name was. Had never asked; just did the job. Amazing he even came back. And now he’d been kind. Had to give him that. And if the guy helped in finding family for him…

Khyff smiled. “Thank you. Thank you for telling me.”

“No problem.” The guy smiled back.

“Look, do you know him? My brother?”

“Yeah. He’s a thief.” The guy grinned. “I work at the Thieves’ Guild, and he’s a member. Kinda famous, actually. Everybody knows him. Belongs to the Man.”

“What man?”

“The Man. You know. The Harbinger.”

“Never heard of him.”

“Yeah, you’re new here. How long you been on Kelthia? No, don’t worry about it. You’ll learn. Everybody knows the Man.”

Khyff gave the guy another smile. “Think you could set up a meet? I’d like to make sure it’s him. I could–” Khyff took a deep breath, controlled his stomach by swallowing, hard. Made himself say the words. “I’d make it worth your while.”

Finding family (from Bro, a free read) #books #freebook“Consider it done.”

Senth had been killed at birth. Senth was the reason his mother had been missing for over a decade, and why Khyff was a slave.

So why was his brother alive?

If he wasn’t, if this was some imposter, Khyff wanted to know why. And if Senth was alive, when Khyff got his hands on him, he’d make sure, once and for all, Senth was what he deserved to be — dead.

Finding family in Bro

Dramatic, funny, touching, Bro takes you inside the Tarthian Empire and introduces you to three of its major denizens: brothers Senth and Khyff Antonello, and Luc Saint-Cyr as they are finding family. You’ll find them in many stories in the Empire. Come and meet them in Bro.
When you can make yourself invisible, invisible truths are revealed.
Join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group and get a free copy of Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers.

Finding family (from Bro, a free read) #books #freebookIf you liked this post, please let me know so I can write more of them. A smiley face will do. Subscribe to the blog, or download Bro and other free reads available on this site. Thank you for reading!


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How to Offer Help at Christmas #holidays #pets #hunger

People and pets will go hungry this Christmas. It’s sad that in the midst of all our plenty, there are still some who won’t get enough to eat. Why not be a blessing this Christmas? If you want to offer help and make a difference, here are some concrete things you can do.

Offer help for People

You can offer help in a concrete way. Instead of stocking up on cranberry sauce and stuffing, here are some items people need every day of the year. Donate these and you help people long after the holidays are over. Once you determine a place to donate, consider offering some of these items.

1) For people on food stamps and other assistance, a food allowance is provided, but it doesn’t cover diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies. When it’s on sale, stock up and donate some of the extra.

2) Personal hygiene products are vital. Consider picking up small travel sizes (handy for those who are homeless).

3) One of the biggest needs is for baby food and formula. Getting the dry powder to mix is great, and less expensive. If you get coupons for these items, stock up when they go on sale. Offer help personally if you know someone with a baby by bringing coupons, offering to drive them to the store, shop for them, or even to just sit down and talk. New parents are often exhausted. Having someone offer help might make a big difference.

4) Healthy snacks for children to pack in lunches, such as granola bars, milk boxes, juice boxes, and fresh fruit like apples and oranges. These keep well.

5) Salt, pepper (especially the type in small shakers), mayo, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, sriracha, salsa, and other condiments such as salad dressing.

6) Donate non-perishable proteins. Pick up cans of tuna, chicken, ham, beans, jars of peanut butter, or almond butter.

A site in the Atlanta area for helping families is Papa’s Pantry. They let families come in and shop at no cost for what they need in a small store of donated items. The site is always in need of donations. They also teach workshops such as budgeting, job-finding skills, resume creation, and how to coupon. Knowledge and skill help break the cycle of need.

Offer help for Pets

How to Offer Help at Christmas #holidays #pets #hunger

Help Rob’s Rescues feed hungry pets

When people are in tough financial straits, they sometimes have to surrender their animals to a shelter because they can’t take care of them anymore. That’s so sad! Do you have a pet? When you shop for your own, grab a few extra cans of dog and cat food. Even one can of food will make a difference to a hungry animal. Local shelters love getting extra food. They can use old blankets and towels too. Call your local shelter and ask what they need most. After a natural disaster such as a wildfire, flood, or earthquake, consider contacting one of the service agencies that help homeless pets. One in the Atlanta area is the Homeless Pets Foundation.

I want to give a shout out to Rob’s Rescues near Atlanta, GA. Rob writes a column every month for four magazines in the Cherokee and Cobb county areas north of Atlanta. He profiles one dog and one cat each month from both the Cobb County Animal Shelter and Cherokee the County Animal Shelter and tries to get them adopted. He does pet food drives in local businesses and animal hospitals, and gives pet food to people who can’t afford to feed their pets. He has done interviews with people like the Gwinnett County Sheriff about the Jail Dogs Program. He’s been doing this since May 2015. The unusual thing about Rob is that he is still in elementary school! Just goes to show that to help others, you only have to be willing.

I urge you to click the Rob’s Rescues link, visit his site, and help him accomplish his mission of feeding pets.

A story about the spirit of giving

When I wrote A Romance for Christmas, I wanted to show the spirit of giving. This story of a young widow with a child at Christmas will leave you in happy tears. Here’s a peek.

The peephole showed a policeman in a crisp black uniform, wearing one of those Smokey Bear hats. It took Dara back to the night Jack had died. She unlatched the door and opened it an inch, dread tightening her chest.

“Oh, my God. Is something wrong, Officer?”

“No, ma’am.” He removed his hat. His smile showed sparkling white teeth and a shock of bright blond hair that fell over his brow. “I’m Scott Gregori. My daughter Susan and your Christine are in the same preschool class. I don’t suppose you remember me. I was at your husband’s funeral last year.”

In a flash, she remembered him.

Their daughters’ preschool was part of a small church. The school had sent a notice that the mother of one of their students had passed away, along with suggested ways to discuss the death of a loved one with children. Dara had attended his wife’s funeral to pay her respects. When Jack died, only about a month later, Officer Gregori had come to pay his.

“Oh, yes. I remember. Please, won’t you come in?” She opened the door wider.

“I brought you and Christine something.” He bent down and picked up an oversized box before stepping inside. “This morning, I heard about your accident, and I thought– Well, maybe you could use some help with Christmas presents for your daughter.” He added, “If you wouldn’t mind.”

Dara shut the door behind him. “It’ll make Christine happy, and that’s what counts. You’re kind to do this.”

He waved off her thanks with a quick gesture and set down the box. “All of us at the station chipped in and I went shopping. We figured money was tight so we wanted you to have this.” He handed her a fat envelope.

How to Offer Help at Christmas #holidays #pets #hunger

A Romance for Christmas

She opened it, gasped and covered her mouth. A stack of paper money filled it. “Oh. Oh, my– my goodness.”

He was smiling. “We all have families, and we help each other when things–” He swallowed. “Anyway, you know how it is in a town this size. We watch out for each other. The crew at the station and I wanted you to have that. And don’t try to refuse.” He set a hand over hers. “All of us have been there. Use it however you need.”

Shaking, she refolded the envelope with extreme care. Words wouldn’t come. She slid it into her pocket. “Thank you,” she whispered, tears blurring her vision.

It’s what happens next that begins a Christmas Dara will never forget.

Read A Romance for Christmas

Genre Sweet contemporary romance, holiday romance
Book heat level: PG
This sweet feel-good holiday romance reaffirms all you love about Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves was lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.
Publisher: Romance Lives Forever Books
This book is $1.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited
4.2 stars on Amazon wih 33 ratings
Special offer: buy the Amazon print version as a gift, and you get the Kindle version free to keep.
Amazon print

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Looks like a Holly Jolly Hop #HolidayRecipe #giveaway

Looks like a Holly Jolly Hop #recipe #giveaway @kayelleallenWelcome to the Holly Jolly Hop. This hop runs from 13 – 20 Dec 2016, and is held on Facebook. There are 60 authors taking part, which means multiple prizes and opportunities to win.

The Prize for my stop is (winner’s choice) either a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card. My prize is open internationally for Amazon readers, and the US for Barnes and Noble.  Your prize will be emailed to you, so if you win, I will need your email.

The featured book for this hop is A Romance for Christmas. This sweet feel-good holiday romance reaffirms all you love about Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves was lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.

Holly Jolly Hop Bread Pudding Recipe

I don’t bake often. Since I retired, I try to grab lunch and dinner out with friends, or pick up convenience foods. My local grocery stores have wonderful, fresh made items prepared and all I have to do is take them home and pop them in the microwave. But when it’s Christmas, I love to make bread pudding. This recipe is easy, and it’s a favorite.

You can download and share this recipe in pdf format. It includes the Bread Pudding recipe plus bonus recipes for Sweet Butter Topping and Cinnamon Sprinkle

Bread Pudding Ingredients
1 loaf whole grain bread, broken into small pieces
2 12 oz. cans evaporated milk
1 cup water
6 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. cinnamon
5 Tbsp. vanilla extract
1/4 cup butter, softened
(Optional: Add 1 cup raisins)

Place broken bread pieces in a large bowl. If using, add the raisins.
Combine milk, water, vanilla, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar, and blend well.
Pour over the bread and toss to coat. If dry, add 2-3 teaspoonsful of water, one at a time, until bread is well moistened.
Pour mixture into a greased 13×9 inch baking dish.
Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes or until set.
Serve warm with ice cream, or drizzle with your favorite icing. Download the PDF for additional recipes.

Holly Jolly Hop Entry

ON DECEMBER 13th go to my Facebook page: and find the post for the Holly Jolly Hop. It’s right at the top. While there, comment with the name of a friend you’d like to see at Christmas. That’s all there is to it!

If you like my page I can tag you if you win. This is not required but greatly appreciated. Tell your friends about this giveaway. Like this post, share this post, tag a friend, tap someone on the shoulder, etc.

You must enter on Facebook. Comments here are great, but they won’t enter you into the Holly Jolly Hop.

The next Holly Jolly Hop stop is here: and you’ll also see that link on my Facebook page. For more fun hops and goodies from other events, visit Fiction Books, Readers, Writers, and Reviewers on Facebook. Have fun and enjoy hopping!

Enter to win the Grand Prize Kindle Paperwhite and find a list of all stops and giveaways on the hop on CM McCoy’s website.

The Holly Jolly Hop giveaway is open until 11:59pm EST, 20 Dec 2016. The prize from me is open internationally. Other authors in the hop may have different requirements. Random winner selected from comments. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Facebook is not responsible for the Holly Jolly Hop giveaway.











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How to Leave a Review #amreading #Books

Does it matter if readers leave a review? Yes. A book with even one review moves up in the sales ranking on Amazon. With enough reviews, an author can join programs that offer the book to more readers. It’s easy to leave a review. If you’ve never written a review before, this will guide you.

How to Leave a Review #amreading #Books @kayelleallen

What should a review say?

If you received a book free then Amazon requires the following text (you can copy and paste):

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

For the rest of the review, the wording is up to you. When you leave a review, you should tell others what you liked about the book, or how you felt the author did at getting across the story. It can say that you recommend it to other readers. A review should not give away the ending of a story or spoil surprises for other readers. A review can be short and sweet.

What should a review not say?

Remember that a book review is for a product for sale, so keep the topic to the actual product. It should not have negative or unkind words. If should be about a book you’ve read. If you didn’t read it, it’s not fair to leave a review. It should not be about delivery issues. For example, if the book arrived late in the mail, that has nothing to do with the book itself.

Where can you leave a review?

If you have a blog, Facebook page, or an account on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or other sites, you can post a review there. Here is a brief how-to that will guide you to getting to the right place to leave a review. In the examples below, I’ve used the book title “A Romance for Christmas” but you can substitute that for any title you wish.

To leave a review on Amazon

Go to and log in.

To be considered a verified reviewer on Amazon, you need to have purchased at least one item from Amazon in the past.

In the search bar, put A Romance for Christmas.

Once you find the book, scroll down to “Customer Reviews” and click on “Write a customer review.”

To leave a review on Goodreads

Go to and login or create a new account:

In the search bar, put A Romance for Christmas.

Once you find the book, click on it.

Rate the book with a star number underneath the book cover. The box above the stars will now mark the book as “Read.”

Hover over the box saying “Read” and you will see a small pop up balloon. Inside the balloon, click “Write a Review.”

Write a review in the box on this page or copy and paste your review from Amazon.

Sample Reviews

A sweet Christmas romance by @kayelleallen #holiday romance

A Romance for Christmas

Here are three actual reviews for my book A Romance for Christmas.

  1. Even when you think there’s no one else for you, surprises happens & another chance presents itself. Take a shot and see what happens.
  2. Merry Christmas to me. Absolutely loved this romantic story. Just beautiful.
  3. It was a very touching story! Dara and Scott were perfect for each other because they had a lot in common. It was a nice light romance and fun!

 As you can see, a review doesn’t have to be long or have a lot of detail. Of course, if you think a book deserves a longer review, by all means leave one.

Do you have any tips for reviews? Please share them in the comments. If you left a review because you read this post, please share the link. It doesn’t have to be one of my books. Also, feel free to share this post with friends.

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Home for Christmas #MFRWhooks #HolidayRomance

Who doesn’t want to go home for Christmas? In the sweet holiday story, A Romance for Christmas, a widow with a small child answers a knock at her door late on Christmas Eve. When she answers, everything changes. This holiday tale is a story of love, loss, and the spirit of giving.

Home for Christmas…

Home for Christmas #MFRWhooks #HolidayRomance @kayelleallenEveryone should stay home for Christmas — that was Dara’s belief. If her late husband had listened to her, he would still be here. Their daughter would still have a father. But job and duty had overshadowed family, and home. He would never be home for Christmas again…

Dara was gaining strength daily, and would finish therapy the first week of January and return to work. Disability paid for the basics – lights, phone, water, trash collection, and she’d never bought anything on credit, refusing to dig herself into a hole she’d never escape once it got started.

She went to the closet and pulled down a box with a ball, crayons, paper, and three books. A friend had brought over a few things as well. This wasn’t the grand Christmas she had wanted for her daughter, but all the other valuables had been sold. There was nothing left but her wedding ring.

She didn’t wear it. Removing it had been part of saying good-bye to Jack.

They said it would help, and it had. Sort of. But not much.

Dara sank into one of the kitchen chairs and put her face in her hands.

Sometime later, when the doorbell rang, she grabbed a paper towel and dried her eyes. The clock over the stove said nine o’clock. Who would be calling at this hour on Christmas Eve? She stuffed the wet towel in her robe pocket on the way to the door.


Here’s a giveaway for everyone. A Peek Inside: A Romance for Christmas | A sweet holiday story about love, loss, and the magic of giving.

Buy Links

This book is $1.99 — or free on Kindle Unlimited.
Amazon print
Print – Walmart

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Photon: more than just torpedoes #astronomy #wotd #scifi

“Photon torpedoes! Fire!” If you thought that was a line right out of Star Trek, congratulations. You were right. The show has been on television, in movies, books, and other media for fifty years now. The imaginative people who created and wrote it have amassed a galaxy-sized universe in which they can release stories. There are entire wikis devoted to the Star Trek series.

Writing good Science Fiction is more than the product of a good imagination, however. Along with writing and editing skills, marketing, networking, and willingness to work hard, a scifi storyteller also needs science fact on which to base that fiction.

When I’m researching a story, I start at the bottom and work my way up. I subscribe to Astronomy Magazine and read it both digitally and in print, skipping few words in either edition. Because I’m no science expert, I depend on material created by those who are. When I don’t understand a concept, one way to grasp the basics to start with a book or website geared toward young readers. A good one is Ducksters which has a science section called Physics for Kids. It contains simple information in an interesting way and suggests other places to continue research. According to them, a photon is not made of smaller units, which means it’s an elementary particle. It has no electric charge or mass, and it’s stable. There is a list of other qualities. To read more, visit

There are numerous other resources a writer can use to research and learn. In the Astronomy Word of the Day series, I’ll be sharing material I’ve gleaned over the years, as well as resources where I’ve found them. While I won’t share a word every day, there will be one at least once a week. Be sure to bookmark this page and follow the blog for more.

Photon: more than just torpedoes @kayelleallen #astronomy #wotd #scifi

Photon: Astronomy word of the Day

A photon is one of the basic units of light. It has properties of both a particle and a wave, which allows light to be diffused and refracted. A photon has no mass and does not carry a charge. They form the most visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The word comes from Greek (phos or phot) meaning light. Combined with electron (an English word), the word photon means “particle representing the smallest distinct and separate amount of light.”

In the Star Trek universe, there are multiple types of photon torpedoes and were fired in a tube-shaped case. The warhead itself contained a detonation chamber filled with antimatter. When detonated it created a a matter-antimatter explosion and ion radiation (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

So are there really photon torpedoes? Would they work? Not according to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. He says a photon torpedo would have as much power as a flashlight. I can see the battles now… Captain Kirk (or another Star Trek captain – take your pick) orders the photon torpedoes to fire, and the entire crew of the ship whips out flashlights and shines them on the enemy. That would, in truth, be as effective as a “real” photon torpedo.

So while “photon torpedo” sounds good in scifi usage, the actual definition of photon means torpedoes won’t be in our future. At least, not like the ones in Star Trek.

Like this type of post? Want to see more? What other words would you like to see? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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