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Colonize the Galaxy 1 book at a time #Astronomy #SciFi #MFRWhooks

Colonize the Galaxy When I decided to write Science Fiction, I first did some serious, long-term worldbuilding. I created a future history, designed a language, set up a dating system to show how ...
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Wanna review a #SciFi on BookSprout? @booksproutapp Check out Bro, a quick #read by Kayelle Allen #MFRWhooks #MFRWauthor

Will you please review Bro? The prequel to the Antonello Brothers sci fi romance series is SF and Fantasy for adults, teens, and YA. The brothers would love for you to read the ...
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Khyff is ready to bolt #SciFi #SpaceOpera #MFRWhooks

In this scene from Bro, Khyff is about to bolt for freedom when his client says one word that stops him cold. Ready to bolt As usual, Khyff's master hadn't allowed him to ...
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One cannot pretend a ritual, Six.

Watch Pietas perform the ritual of strength

Seeing her, he could believe in angels.

Go ahead, human. Touch me. I dare you.

Do not call me Pi, human.

You don't know the truth, human.

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Bringer of Chaos series - if you want to read space opera, read space opera

The Antonello Brothers - heroes you'll ache for, laugh with, and love

Guides to Kayelle Allen's story universe, including a full lexicon of the Kin language, Felis

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