Share Cyber Smores at MFRW Summer Camp

What is MFRW?
MFRW is Marketing for Romance Writers, although you don’t have to be a romance author to join. The Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo group is focused on learning marketing and publicity. We discuss ways to advance our careers, brainstorm new ventures and ideas, get feedback, and find others interested in mutual promotion. Our motto is “Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” We welcome marketing-related material that asks a question, offers a promo or idea, or is a request for help, advice, or opinions. We offer opportunities to promote and join others in promotional efforts.
What if I don’t write Romance?
Not a problem. We have many members who aren’t even authors. Most of us are published writers, but some aren’t. We are also publishers, literary agents, editors, author promo groups, promo assistants, artists, and virtual assistants. We are your support group and co-workers. Need to buy pens, pins, or other goodies? Found a great place to do that? Please share. We are open to all fiction and non-fiction genres without limit. Our writing per se is not discussed; we focus on creating an image and using it effectively. Pitch sessions and calls for submission are welcome.
Group site:
Sounds cool. So what’s this Summer Camp everyone’s talking about?
Because we’re a large group (well over twelve hundred fifty members) we wanted to pool our resources and help others learn. It’s what we do, so summer camp seemed like a great way to do that. In keeping with the spirit of the group, camp is free. For two days, July 14th and 15th (this Saturday and Sunday) we will host twenty-two hours of training. Topics include Helping Your Publisher Promote Your Books (taught by Mary Caelsto of Jupiter Gardens Press), Finding Your Audience (R Ann Siracusa), Blogging (Coffee Beans and Love Scenes Promotions), Workshops on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Triberr (including a guest appearance by Triberr founder Dino Dogan), Dealing with Online Piracy, and more. There will also be giveaways such as free blog tours, advertising spots, discount offers, and handouts. Speakers include Kay Dee Royal, Rolynn Anderson, Kayelle Allen, Dawne Prochilo, Julie Eberhart Painter, Tina Holland, Rochelle Weber, Mary Caelsto, Marcia James, R Ann Siracusa, Janet Elizabeth Jones, Maryann Reid, and MFRW’s own Promotions Director Karen Cote’.
How do I sign up for summer camp?
In 2012, it’s easy peasy! Become a member of the Yahoo group and you are automatically signed up. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything special. Just read the messages you’ll be getting from the group.
Awesome. What’s the group URL?
How do I get lessons?
In 2012, this is also easy peasy. Read the messages from the group. Be aware: if you do not want two hundred messages a day (or more) sign up for digest. Digest lumps up to 25 messages in one email. If you see something you want to read, you can scroll down and click on it. You can change your delivery options at any time.
Suppose you only want to get messages about the Triberr class – set your email delivery on the group to no email, and then before the class, come back and change it to individual messages. After the class, switch to digest so you don’t miss any straggling messages. Then, when you feel sure you’ve gotten everything, go back to no email.
Another option (for those who only want certain classes) is to set your email delivery to Special Notice. At the beginning of each workshop, a special notice will tell you the workshop is beginning. When you get that, you can either come to the group itself and read messages there, or go change your delivery options.
To change your options, go the group homepage chose “Edit Membership” then make the changes to your delivery options.
Do all of the posts stay up on the loop or do I need to sit on the loop for the entire period of the campfire? Will I be able to read what was posted after they’re over?
Absolutely! You can even go back and read the first message ever posted on this Yahoo group. On the front page of the group, scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a chart showing each year of the group, broken down by the number of messages per month. Clicking on the number takes you to the first message of that month. You can also pop a bit of text into the search box to find messages about a particular topic. Messages stay up indefinitely.
MFRW Summer Camp
If I can’t make one session, can I jump into the next?
Yes. You can easily find one topic you are interested in. Come to the group itself. Click the text “Group by Topic” below the words “Most Recent Messages.” If it says “List Individual Messages” then you are already set to “group by topic.” This puts each message and all its replies into one group. You can open the first item, and then scroll down to see all the replies. Click each one to read the message.
That way, you can see everything you want to see.
For this reason, we do ask that when you reply to a question, that you delete the previous material. Otherwise, each message gets consecutively longer, and therefore harder to read. For example, in answering your email, I deleted my info that began it, and left only your question. If everyone does that during camp, it will keep the pertinent data and not everyone’s successive answers.
How can I tell people about Summer Camp?
There are many ways. One easy way that you can do it is to post a link to the group on your blog. Members who know how to add a little bit of html in a widget can find several cool buttons for the group on this page: the option you prefer and upload it. Other ways are on Twitter using the hashtag #MFRWSummerCamp (make sure there are no spaces) and #mfrworg Both of these are for our group. The short URL for Twitter is the website, and the Yahoo group. You can also use those links on Facebook. One other link is is our camp schedule in pdf. If you aren’t sure how to create your own Facebook post with a link, you can always look on the group Facebook page and share a message from there. Click the “Share” button and post it on your own timeline.
Is it easy to take part?
More than easy. You don’t have to join the group to read the messages. To see the files or ask questions, you do have to member, but that’s as easy as entering your email address. You can set your email delivery options to no email, and never get a single message from the group, set it for individual messages and get everything, or other options in between.
Okay, so can I forward this info to my friends?
We’d be honored if you did! You are welcome to invite your own Yahoo group members, author groups, and critique groups. In fact, go invite any author groups you can think of — this camp is free training on how to further an author’s career. They’ll be glad you told them.
Kayelle Allen is an award-winning, multi-published author. Her heroes and heroines include badass immortals, warriors who purr, and agents who find the unfindable–or hide it forever. She is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion.