Listen and Write to 30+ Hours of Nature Sounds #nature #amwriting

Storm over the Ocean

A storm over the ocean

Sometimes I listen to music while I write, and other times I like it quiet. There are times when nothing but the sounds of nature will do. My husband likes to listen to nature sounds mixed with piano, such as rain or ocean. I helped him discover some videos on Youtube that mix sound, music, and images to create calm.

Here is the list for you.

Create your own ambient sounds of nature by using the sliders found here. Click and give the various types a listen. Add a little wind, a little bit of waves, and some medium thunder. You can save your settings by clicking the share button, and copying the URL to your bookmarks. Here’s one I like.

11 Hours of Calming Seas

10 Hours Rain and Thunder

10 Hours Thunderstorm and Rain over Ocean

1 hours Natural Ocean Waves

1 Hour Stormy Sea

Ocean Playlist (many hours)

Next time you need a bit of quiet in which to write, try one of these sites. I hope you enjoy listening to them!


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  1. I TOTALLY love this!!! What a wonderful idea….

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