For Sale: One Invisibility Cloak #SciFi #MFRWhooks


In this scene from Bro, Senth is playing with a new tool he acquired for work as a thief. It's a cloak that hides him from copbot sensors, and renders him virtually invisible.

Getting the Cloak

Senth Antonello signed for his new cloak, thanked the worker, and carried the midnight blue garment down the stairs. The cloak pickup line wound down the stairs and back and forth across the entry hall of the Thieves' Guild like one of those rides at Planet Fun.

Senth had skipped the line, thanks to his adoptive father's clout. It sucked being expected to live up to the Man's reputation, but there were times being the son of a former grand master had its perks.

In the foyer, he shook out the cloak. After slipping it on, he checked himself out in the mirror. The cloak looked like nothing more than a loose fitting coat, with a back that fell straight down from his shoulders to the ground. Hidden pockets allowed him to carry equipment and stash items. He could tuck his arms inside the front and wear it like a cape.

Senth pulled on gloves of the same material and then lifted the hood. Nightstealth film embedded in the cloth activated. Nothing showed in the mirror. No reflection of himself. Like he'd been erased from the room. He turned right, then left.

"Nada, zip, zilch, zero. I'm invisible." He pumped both fists. "Yes!"

If the upgrade worked on people as well as it did on mirrors, copbots wouldn't see him, and he'd be no more than a shadow to everyone else. And just how perfect was that? Now he'd really live up to his guild name, Blue Shadow.

At least until the copbots upgraded their settings. And everybody else got theirs.

Time to test it in public.


When you can make yourself invisible, invisible truths are revealed.
Take two brothers: one a half-blood thief, one a pleasure slave. Raise them in different worlds, reunite them by fate, mix in a powerful immortal, and you have Bro, the story behind the Antonello Brothers.

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