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An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth

An Immortal's Guide to Tarth #scifi #gamer @kayelleallen

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth, a Handbook for Immortals Relocating to the Tarthian Empire is a tongue-in-cheek look at what relocating would be like for the immortals in my books if they moved to the Tarthian Empire. A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way.

The voice is that of Joss Avaton, one of the immortals. The rules of the immortal gamers role-playing game Peril are spelled out, and a who’s who among the gamers provided.

A must-have for fans of the Tarthian Empire series. This handy guide will inform, entertain, and provide never before seen peeks behind the curtain.

Have you ever wondered how Peril, the game played by the immortals is carried out? What are the rules? Who are the gamers? What equipment do you need? This book has all the inside scoop, with downloadable playing guides built right into the book.

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth was a finalist in the 2017 Electronically Published Industry Coalition (EPIC) Ariana Cover Awards.




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