His gaze felt like a long, hot, lingering sensual lick #MMromance #SciFi

Luc gripped Izzorah by the waist, backed him against the bar and held him immobile. "You're sure you want this?" Luc rocked against him.

"No. I'm sure I want you." Izzorah clutched Luc's open collar, pulling him closer. He ground himself against Luc, eliciting a soft groan. "Please."

He put his mouth next to Izzorah's. "Look at me."

When his young lover obeyed, the impact of his deep emerald gaze felt like one long... hot... lingering... sensual lick.

Antonello Brothers: Immortal - Because Romance Lives Forever

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#SciFi #LGBTQ #Romance

Release date Feb 20, 2021

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