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In this scene from Forever Love, Izzorah and his cousin, Chynk, are touring Kin Kids Healthcare. Izzorah helped create the facility for children who don't have government healthcare. In general, any child whose parent/s are undocumented aliens can be covered.

Excerpt - Kin Kids Healthcare

Izzorah accompanied Chynk to the entrance of the clinic, but once there, his cousin halted. "Izzy, the construction people say the smells will be gone in a day or two, but I think it's going to take more time. I'll get us each a filter mask. Wait here."

"It's fine. I'll go with you."

"No." Chynk stabbed a finger at the ground. "Stay put." He held up a small breather, a mask that fit only over the mouth and nose. "I have this. You don't." With a glare at Izzorah and another meaningful stab at the floor, Chynk held the mask over his nose as he went back inside.

After taking a gulp of fresh air, Izzorah re-entered. The ceiling in the new clinic was almost as high as the central hearth in a Kin's home. Not as high as Luc's ceilings, but still way up there. The open rafters looked natural. No paint on the wood. Wide windows with arches at the tops let in plenty of light, just like back home. The walls were such a light green they looked white at first. A curving, kanya wood counter wrapped one side of the room. You could see into the office behind it, and past that, into the open doors of treatment rooms.

"What are you doing in here?" Chynk kitsed, still out of sight. The Kin's subsonic language, a step down from telepathy and a step up from speech. It allowed private communication around humans.

On their homeworld, females used it in hunting seasons, but males were discouraged from using it. His father said he sometimes did with other dads at family gatherings. Izzorah's cousins had used it back when he couldn't see. Through kits, they had been his eyes.

"Where are you?" Izzorah kitsed back. "How did you know I'd come in?"

"I'm downstairs, and I know because you're a skik who can't follow directions."

"Well, I was curious." Izzorah kitsed back. "So claw me." Light-headed and with his eyes burning, he darted back outside to breathe.

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