My logo contains my website a pair of eyes with square pupils, and a few words: art, sci-fi, romance, space opera. Today's post features examples of the first word -- art.

I have gained a small collection of images, mostly of the immortal king, and I'll be sharing them as I put them in place on my website.

A sincere thanks to the artists Babs_BNN and Volgraza, as well as Zachary Johnson for sharing their work with me. I hope you enjoy these!

Pietas - by Babs BNN
Pietas - by Babs_BNN

Six and Pietas - by Volgraza

Six and Pietas - by Jamin Allen


Zachary Johnson performs the first five chapters of Ring of the Dragon on his YouTube channel. Not to be missed!

Enter to win this red leather dragon journal

Enter to win this red leather dragon journal

Antonello Brothers: Immortal - Because Romance Lives Forever

Click covers for the buy link. Click text for the website page and excerpts.

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