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A Review Book Fair for Lovers of SF/F and more

A bundle of high-caliber authors for lovers of SF/F, all with books needing reviews. Check the book and see where the author has requested reviews. You'll be able to post it right on the StoryOrigin site as well.

This special event showcases all subgenres and flavors of sci-fi and may include:
hard scifi
sci-fi romance
soft scifi
space opera
time travel
urban fantasy
and more.

Join us! Book Review Event


Preorder Surrender Love on Amazon

Preorder Surrender Love on Amazon

Strip away the power, immortality, and the body to die for, and what do you have? Two men, each alone, each with a deep desire for love and acceptance.

Luc is the most powerful man in the Empire, and he's immortal. When his mortal lover walks away, the smart thing is to move on and forget. But how can he bear this loneliness, life after life?

Until he meets Izzorah, an adorable Kin male, a sweet yet fierce youth with perky cat's ears and eyes, an intense curiosity about the world, and the almost superpower ability to smell every subtle change of emotion. This might be the soulmate Luc's hoped for. The one person to whom he can surrender his heart.

But to bring his beloved closer means revealing every damning secret, every twisted truth, and every hidden lie. And once he does, Luc might risk losing him forever...

On Amazon, out Feb 20, 2021