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#SciFi novel A Stolen Heart gets a review or two #BookReview #MFRWorg #MFRWhooks

How nice after the months of writing to have a good review.
#SciFi novel A Stolen Heart gets a review or two #BookReview #MFRWorg #MFRWhooks

Reviews for A Stolen Heart

A former space pirate who’s gone straight rescues a vulnerable child adept at breaking into things. By protecting the boy, Luc unlocks secrets that threaten to topple the powerful king Luc once loved. For the child's safety, Luc must send the boy away, far from danger. Nowhere near him. Even if this little one has already stolen his heart...

Review snippets

Here's a short snippet from a review or two of A Stolen Heart.

"There’s more than one stolen heart in this remarkable book! ... I loved every bit of this story! Highly recommended." -- author Dee S Knight

"The core conflict in this book is the disconnect between who Luc is and the feelings he has for Senthys. Ms. Allen does a wonderful job depicting the child's remarkable abilities and winning ways, and exposing Luc's softer side as he falls in love with the boy." -- author Lisabet Sarai

"...the youth and playfulness of an immortal King contrasts against the experience and maturity of an age worn subject... The strength of characterization and plot thickens as the story brews... This galactic mystery is sure to hold true on the what the title claims; the readers are sure to end up with 'A Stolen Heart'!" -- FD (blog review)

A Stolen Heart, along with the entire Antonello Brothers series, is $ .99 through the summer.

Check out the special June 10, 2020 on Bargain Booksy#SciFi novel A Stolen Heart gets a review or two #BookReview #MFRWorg #MFRWhooks

A favorite review...

This review is biased as all get out, but it's one of my favorites! This is what my editor, Barb Caffrey had to say about the book after she tore it apart and then handed it back to me. She is gentle when she tells you to fix something, but you aren't getting by with anything, believe me. Here's what she had to say.

"Folks, I'm glad to talk about my friend and fellow author Kayelle Allen. I've edited at least six of her books (maybe more; I've lost count), and I'm always happy to work on them because they're well-detailed, well-organized, and a lot of fun. But A Stolen Heart, which is all of the above, is even more than that. It's about optimism, in the face of great loss. It's about the blessings of family, even when you don't think you deserve it. It's about personal growth, and self-sacrifice, and finding your own way in the world…most of all, it's about figuring out how to love yourself, warts and all, even when you've done something so horrible you have nightmares about it many years after the fact." -- editor Barb Caffrey

A review can empower

Yes, even when someone points out something they thought needed improvement, that's a good thing. One reviewer thought I shouldn't have mentioned two characters from a previous series. I can understand the reasoning, especially if a reader doesn't know them. I brought them into the book because these characters crossover into the series in later books, and because they are the single most powerful influences on these characters. Without them, there would be no story now.

The challenge is to consider how to use reviews to create a better story next time. In a review of a different book, one reviewer said the story lacked enough science fiction elements. Since about 70% of the story took place on an alien world where they had nothing to survive with but rudimentary gear in a backpack, there wasn't much sci-fi to include. But in future books, I recalled the advice and made sure I had plenty of that element.

Good and bad reviews are part of writing. Learning to grow a thick skin and be a professional is what separates the wannabe writers from the serious ones. If you've read this story and haven't yet left a review, I'd love it if you would. You can share it on Goodreads, Amazon, or your own social media. I'd love to hear what you think, good or bad. Send me a link!

Be sure to check out the other authors below in this blog hop.

You'll find these characters mentioned in many books in my story universe.
Download a printable book list and check them off as you read.

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download and print free adult coloring books, free coloring books, Kayelle Allen coloring books

Free Coloring Books


Want to color a thank you for frontline workers? Here’s a link to a few I made. I hope they encourage you and others.

Coloring Pages to Thank Front Line Workers

Color the Characters, then read the books.

Are you looking for coloring books for adults? Want some that are FREE? This is the place. Free is my favorite price! Why did I make these? I love art and I love creating. I’m also an author. By combining my love of art with my love of the creative writing process, I have the best of both worlds. My son (Jamin Allen of Nimajination Studios) created nearly all the art. I added details and patterns. Click any image in the gallery below to download your printable books. Each one has a link inside to bring you back for fresh copies or to share with a friend. Have you tried coloring games? Pass out multiple copies of your coloring pages and have a contest. You decide what the rules are and how to play.

Links to the books

These all open in new windows so you can view, download, and then come back for more. Take all you want. There’s a link in the footer of each to this page so you can check back for more books.

Unstoppable Heroes and Heroines – Characters to Color
The Antonello Brothers
Peril – the Immortals’ Game
Pietas – the Bringer of Chaos
Flowers of the Tarthian Empire
Butterflies of Felidae
Tales of the Chosen

Want to know when more free coloring books are added? Join my Romance Lives Forever Reader Group now and you’ll have first dibs on new ones.  You’ll be first to know when my next book is released, plus you’ll get access to exclusive content limited to members. SEND ME THE BOOKS

Benefits of Coloring

In their Health division, the news giant CNN suggests you take a mental health day and enjoy coloring. Art therapy (making and creating artwork) can help “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness” and more. Art helps adults de-stress and self-express. The activity can help achieve mindfulness.

Some books call themselves “art therapy.” Are they? It’s more likely you’ll achieve less stress if you’re creating the art yourself, rather than filling in someone else’s design in a coloring book. Painting on a blank canvas, laying out the design for a dress and then sewing it, building a sculpture with clay, and other art activities use a skillset different from coloring simple designs created by another person.

Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Absolutely not. Adult coloring books are relaxing, fun, and takes your mind away from your troubles. That can be a good thing!

How to Use Adult Coloring Books

The first thing to remember is — Relax! This is supposed to be fun. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about technique.

Don’t try to color the entire picture at one time. Your hand might cramp. You might lose patience. You could run out of ink. The point of adult coloring is to relax and take your time. Don’t do this on a schedule where you’re snapping your mental fingers saying “Hurry up!” Again, this is fun.

If you haven’t spent time coloring in a coloring book since you were a kid, it might surprise you that A) you still know how, and B) you need practice. If you’ve never colored before, congratulations! Coloring pictures will be relaxing and produce something beautiful you can enjoy seeing.

I print coupons on my computer, and there are always long strips of white paper left over. I use these to do color swatches when I’m working on a project.

Some basic “rules”
* Work from the outside in. It will help you keep from going outside the lines (if you’re trying to avoid that).
* Press gently. You can build up color by repeating strokes.
* Have a sharpener nearby for pencils. Use it often.
* Put the caps back on your pens. They might not dry out, but cleanup will be easier if you don’t have to find missing caps.
* Test your ink on a scrap paper first.
* You can never have too many pencils or pens!
* Color outside the lines. It’s okay. No one is going to slap your hand. Scribble in the margins and make your own doodles.
* Rules are made to be broken. The main thing is to have fun and relax.

Do I need special pens or pencils?

Not really. Feel free to sit down with your kids while they’re coloring and use their box of crayons. Not only is it a fun family time, it takes you back to your childhood. Remember opening that new box of crayons in school? The smell of the fresh crayons? Ahh… nice.

If you prefer fine-tipped pencils or gel pens, or you like vibrant colors, I can recommend these coloring pens and pencils for adult coloring books on Amazon.  Any will do. They are all good. These are popular items and are often on sale. You might find a real steal!


Prismacolor is a wonderful brand with rich colors. This page will show you all the various types of coloring tools they carry. Lots to choose from!

Staedtler Johanna Basford Triplus Fineliner Pens (Set of 36)

These pens come in 36 brilliant colors. The barrels of the coloring pens are triangular, making them ergonomic. The nice thing about these pens is they can be left uncapped without drying out. They are available on Amazon Prime (free shipping).

Eparon 36-piece Gel Pen Set with 40 Unique Colors

You can get these on Amazon Prime without paying for shipping. There are standard coloring pens, neon, mixed pastel, solid pastel, and more. They are acid-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Caliart 80 Supermarkers with Case

Also available on Amazon Prime, the Caliart supermarker set for adult coloring books has chisel-point tips, comes in primary and secondary colors, and includes its own case.

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Sci Fi Guidebooks

Welcome to the Sci Fi Guidebooks section of the site!

You'll find books in this area containing both Science Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Each is a guide to various aspects of my story universe and offers some material not available in the books, including a full glossary of the Kin language, Felis.


Books in this section include the Tarthian Empire Companion and An Immortal's Guide to Tarth.

Tarthian Empire Companion (non-fiction)

A World-Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series, Illustrated by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.

For the science fiction writer, this volume teaches you how to build believable worlds, track details of your story, organize your writing, and lay out your story bible. Novice or experienced, you will pick up tricks and tips here. This EPIC eBook Award winning writer shares organizational tips, links to marketing sites, groups supporting writers, science fiction groups, and more.

For the science fiction fan, the Companion reveals the worldbuilding magic that makes Kayelle Allen's Tarthian Empire tick. She shares every character in every book, 10k years of future history, offers inside peeks at scenes and stories, lays out a quick tour of the Empire, and dishes up a surfeit of secrets, all in one illustrated volume. Original art by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.

How to write a Sci Fi series and keep track of characters: The Tarthian Empire Companion #SciFi #AmWriting Click To Tweet

An Immortal's Guide to Tarth (fiction)

A tongue-in-cheek look at what relocating to the Tarthian Empire would be like for the immortals in books by Kayelle Allen. A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way, the book offers guidance from Joss Avaton, one of the immortals. Provides dire warnings about who not to cross, and what to do about pesky Mundanes (namely, those annoying humans), and who among the Chosen is not to be trusted.

The role playing game of Peril is spelled out, with downloads for character sheets and rules. Includes a who's who among the immortals, and stats of the players, with never before revealed secrets about Luc Saint-Cyr, Pietas, and others.

A must have for fans of the Tarthian Empire series. This handy guide will inform, entertain, and provide peeks behind the curtain.

If you're immortal and moving to Tarth, you better read this first. Pietas says so! #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!

REDIRECTED I want free books

This edition of Lights Out includes Exclusive Reader Group
cover with Six's tattoo.

Free Space Opera - Lights Out (How "Six" Became "Six")


It's true. Six is a ghost. But not the kind you're thinking...

Lights Out

You thought your bootcamp was tough? Before you enlist in the service known as Ghost Corps, you have to die. Because if you're fighting immortals who always get back up, you'd better have a way to do the same thing.
Otherwise, it's Lights Out...

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free space opera

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free space opera

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Free Illustrated Starter Set

Origin of Pietas: Bringer of Chaos

Origin of Pietas

Bringer of Chaos: Origin of Pietas by Kayelle Allen #SciFi #SpaceOpera


Origin of Pietas: Bringer of Chaos
Universal book link (find it anywhere available)

On the day of impending peace talks with humans, Pietas, leader of the immortal Ultras, must bow to the will of the mighty Council or face impeachment. As suspected, the talks devolve into an inescapable trap. Faced with the destruction of his people, Pietas surrenders. Once imprisoned, he finds an unlikely ally in a human. Pietas will either doom his people to exile and face the end of his own immortality, or place his faith in that which he most hates. A human...

Origin of Pietas Excerpt

In this scene, Pietas experiences an unfamiliar situation -- a friend who has his back. It begins with Pietas speaking.

"My father would get so angry with me, Six. He'd say it under his breath, but I heard. He'd call me useless. I say that about myself."

"How can you think of yourself as useless? You're the most powerful Ultra ever created. Everybody knows that."

With a twitch of his fingers, Pietas dismissed the praise. "It is not how I feel. If I were telepathic, I could have found my people by now. If I were telepathic, I wouldn't have gotten us marooned on an alien world. No, my father was right. When it comes to telepathy, I am useless."

"Wow." Six tossed part of a small branch onto the fire, sending sparks spiraling upward. "Biggest pity party I've ever been to."

Pietas leaned on one hand to face Six. "What is a pity party?"

"When you feel sorry for yourself and expect others to do the same thing 'Poor me. Look how I'm suffering.' That's a pity party."

"Excuse me for sharing how I felt."

"You were doing fine, until you said you were useless. I don't care who told you that. It's a pure out-and-out lie and you know it. To let anybody else's opinion of you keep you from being your best..." Six threw down the stick. "Look, Ultra. That's not you, okay? Listen to me. I sat with you while you were nothing but two big blue eyes, and blackened skin stretched over bones. You couldn't lift your head, you were so weak. You tried not to show how much pain you were in, but I could see it. I could hear it in the way you panted, trying to breathe. The way you hobbled about as if all your bones were broken. But you fought like a caged animal to get your strength back. I will never accept any lie about you being useless. You're one of-- No, you are the strongest person I've ever known."

The pride at those words from so dear a friend--a human friend--brought tears to his eyes. Pietas turned his head, and blinked them away.

Read Origin of Pietas for free

Want to read this book and not pay for it? Legally. Here's how you can get the book at no cost.
Members of my Reader Groups have the opportunity to sign up for my Free Books Forever Club and download any of my books, just for asking. Get the full scoop on this page.

Where to buy Bringer of Chaos: Origin of Pietas

Universal book link (find it anywhere)

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Video for Bringer of Chaos

Ritual of Strength performed by Nik Nitsvetov
Voiceover performed by Zack Black
Images courtesy of: Nik Nitsvetov and @by_cosphoto
Video editor Zealot6
Based on the Sci Fi series Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen
Music: Coming of Time by Orchestralis, licensed via Dual Horns Studios Ltd

Our dear Bringer of Chaos makes a few rather... shall we say..."pointed" comments about humans while he explains how we use cookies on this site: Cookies
Do you dare to follow Pietas on Facebook?
Did you know Pietas is on Pinterest?

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!

The Antonello Brothers Series

The Antonello Brothers #SciFi #SpaceOpera #Romance by Kayelle Allen


The Antonello Brothers

The Antonello Brothers are part of a larger story universe. #PietasFans who loved the immortal king in the Bringer of Chaos series will find the master of misdirection quite active here.

Other immortals, such as Luc Saint-Cyr, are behind the scenes or right out in front, active and involved. In this series, you'll also meet the Chosen -- humans who support and assist the immortals.

The Antonello Brothers Series

The brothers are the offspring of Sileenya Antonello from the planet Trien, and there is more to their story than meets the eyes. It's surprising how children can impact the world around them. This series can be read in any order. Books with romance have happy ever after endings. All books in the series have a sweet heat level and no explicit content.

A Stolen Heart

He rescued a half-human child from a "big bad monster" but now who is rescuing whom... Meet the mischievous hero from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, For Women Only and Bro as a three-year-old toddler. This is how and why the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr decided to adopt the half-human Senthys Antonello. Hold onto your heartstrings! Plus, Luc's immortal "ex" takes center stage in this story. #PietasFans will love this one!
Visit the book page
He rescued a half-human child from a big bad monster but now who is rescuing whom? A Stolen Heart #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet

Bro (the brothers meet)

Bro is a short read about how Senth and Khyff -- who did not grow up together -- finally meet. Luc Saint-Cyr, Senth, and Khyff first become a team in this book. Warning: Khyff's story will break your heart, but Senth will have you laughing.
Visit the book page
The new Thieves' Guild tech might make him invisible, but it can't shield him from the truth... Bro #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

A fast-paced scifi romance with an adorable, fun-loving hero who's half-human and half-cat and a by-the-book army captain heroine. Hired to steal back a prototype taken by the imperial armada, Senth retrieves it, but his brother is kidnapped to force Senth to surrender the device. Now he has to rescue his brother, outsmart the armada, and keep the item out of imperial hands. All doable, except for one small problem. He must do it in the company of NarrAy, a genetically altered woman whose pheromones could enhance the mission or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss.
Visit the book page
He's a thief. She's a soldier. Do opposites attract? Oh, mercy! At the Mercy of Her Pleasure #SciFi #Romance Click To Tweet

For Women Only

To protect his brother, Khyff accepts a mission that will remove Fawni from power. After meeting her and discovering her noble heart, he begins to doubt his cause, his past and even his memories. Khyff's secret truth could devastate Fawni's family and make her an outcast. She should shun this human, return to her own people and forget him. Yet how can she let him suffer in the darkness that binds his heart?
Visit the book page
His secret truth is her people's darkest lie. For Women Only #SciFi #Romance Click To Tweet

You'll find these characters mentioned in nearly every book in my story universe.
Download a printable book list and check them off as you read.

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!
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