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Requiem of the Gods (Critical Mass) #playlist #chaos #scifi

Playlist: Music for a King — Song # 13 Requiem of the Gods

Requiem of the Gods (Critical Mass) #playlist #chaos #scifi @kayelleallenThe third (and final for this list) is Requiem of the Gods from The Critical Mass. Another amazing movie trailer song. I put Requiem on repeat when writing scenes where Pietas faced his foes. It has huge sweeps of music that reflect both power and danger. Most of chapter six was written with this song and Queen’s Breach (song 9). Considering he is fighting a group of reanimated special ops soldiers called ghosts, requiem fits. But it also fits the very opening lines of this book, where Pietas hears the human side reporting their losses.


Aboard the Uurahkal, a holovid screen in the council chamber replayed news from the Siege of San Xavier. In one report, a half dozen Ultra warriors crept over concrete battlements. In a voiceover, a human reporter called the subsequent slaughter of a hundred human soldiers an atrocity.

“Atrocity?” The Chancellor smacked his hand on the podium. Beneath the blow, the wood compressed. “Why do none of these channels show the truth?” Pietas rubbed at the ache forming behind his eyes. “Humans killed over two hundred unarmed Ultras first. We defended ourselves. But we come back from the dead, so our suffering doesn’t matter!”

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas
Immortal. Warrior. Outcasts. Traitors took everything. Except their honor.
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Requiem of the Gods – The Critical Mass

Song: Requiem of the Gods (Trailer Music)
Artist: The Critical Mass
Album: Out of the Ashes: The Critical Mass Collection
Copyright: 2014 David Reynolds

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The problem with a bad #bookreview 7 things to remember

The problem with a bad book review is accepting it as truth. It’s not. Seven things to keep in mind when reviews don’t go as you’d hoped.

Do you have a book review problem?

Someone gave the book you spent months (or years) laboring over a one or two star review. The world has stopped spinning, and all you can think about is that you’ve failed. The review is going to cost you lost revenue because readers won’t buy your book. It’s completely unfair. The reviewer should have said nothing. Isn’t that what our mothers taught us about not being able to say anything nice?

Problem is, the world isn’t like that. Some reviewers have no issues about lambasting an author. They probably don’t even consider the fact that their review will hurt you financially (let alone emotionally). Or maybe they do. Maybe they get their jollies by seeing authors freak out when they write something bad about them. Maybe that’s how they get a sense of personal power. More likely, they don’t care one way or another, and that feels just…insulting. Face it, no one likes hearing what they did wasn’t as good as what the other person expected.

Your real problem…

In any case, their bad review is not your problem. What is your problem? Letting go and moving onward. Writing the next book. That is your focus. To do that, you need to keep reviews in perspective. Here are seven ways you can do that.

1) Foremost, keep in mind no review is the truth. Reviews are OPINION. Everybody is entitled to one. Did you gush over every movie you ever saw? Every book you ever read? No? Well then no reason to expect anyone else will feel that way either. Let them have their opinion.

2) Sometimes poor reviewsThe problem with a bad #bookreview 7 things to remember are bait to see if you’ll react. Don’t say anything back. Trust me, it will not end well. Just don’t respond.

3) Look at your other reviews. Are you consistently getting 4 and 5 star reviews and out of the blue you get a 1 or 2? Chalk that up to opinion again. Obviously that book wasn’t their cup of tea.

4) You are under no obligation to share any review. Ignore the bad one. People can find it on their own. You don’t need to point it out. Whining about it makes you look… Let’s just say less professional.

5) Vent to a writer friend you trust. Never in public on social media. Ever.

6) Keep writing. A bad review does not mean you are a bad writer. It means that person didn’t care for the book, and that’s all it means.

7) You are not alone. The Holy Bible is on Amazon, and it has 1 star reviews. So does any book with a large number of reviews. Statistically, this problem is bound to happen eventually. But it’s not the end of everything. It will be okay.

Make the most of your good reviews. Share them everywhere and brag, brag, brag. They don’t call it shameless self-promotion for nothing. Besides, you might not deserve the bad reviews but you sure as shootin’ deserve the good ones. Right? You’ve had good reviews and now someone disses your book. As my Kin people would say “Ffffftt that.” Don’t let the one-star hater make you forget the five-star fangirls and fanboys who squeed all over the place about the story’s awesomeness.

Personal advice — if you are consistently getting poor reviews, it might be time to talk to an editor. If that’s you, ask authors you love and who write well who their editors are. You can also find one by posting on Marketing for Romance Writers, and asking for recommendations. Contact me offline. I’d love to tell you about the ones I know.

Did you ever have this problem happen to you? How did you handle it? Share it in the comments.

Crab Nebula: crushed core of a collapsed star #scifi #science

The Crab Nebula supernova remnant is the crushed ultra-dense core of a collapsed star. It’s now pulsing like a wildly beating heart at a precise 30 times per second. Due to the neutron star’s rotation, it ejects twin beams of light like a lighthouse.

Crab Nebula

Core of the Crab Nebula

Even as a child I loved astronomy and stargazing. Is it any wonder I spent 30+ years creating a universe for my characters to play in? Articles like this excite me. I can’t wait to share them with others. I hope you enjoy the beauty as well as the amazing science behind these images.

Clicking on them will take you away from this page. If you right click and open in a new tab, you will be able to see both of them without losing your place.

Crab Nebula in Multiple Wavelengths

I compiled notes from my 30 years of worldbuilding and created the Tarthian Empire Companion, an illustrated World-Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series. The manual provides a look inside the magic that makes my worlds tick. I’m working on additional companion books for different sections of my universe. This book covers one empire. I have dozens. I’d like to create one book that’s dedicated to the immortals in my universe. Pietas and the other Sempervians have a rich history. They are “immortal” because of science, not magic. Genetically designed as superior servants to mankind, they became instead superior masters. The Sempervians have far more background than my books can show.

Crab Nebula: crushed core of a collapsed star #scifi #science

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Crab Nebula Image credits:
Crab Nebula (top) from
Multi-display based on file: Crab Nebula in multiwavelength.png by Torres997  Radio: NRAO/AUI and M. Bietenholz; NRAO/AUI and J.M. Uson, T.J. Cornwell Infrared: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Gehrz (University of Minnesota) Visible: NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll (Arizona State University) Ultraviolet: NASA/Swift/E. Hoversten, PSU X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/F.Seward et al. Gamma: NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT/R. Buehler [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Triple Suns? What SPF is that? #scifi #science

Imagine you live on a world with triple suns. Each morning you see a binary pair and a single star, and your world orbits the three of them. That means triple sunlight. Sound like scifi? No one believed such a set up until Hubble found HD131399.

Triple Suns

Imagine life on a world where triple suns rule the solar system. For one thing, during part of the year, as the single sun sets, a binary pair rises. Your day, no matter how many hours long, or what shift you worked, shines a bright sun in the sky.

During other parts of the year, feel a bit deprived of sun? And how much SPF (sun protection factor) does a world with triple suns need? SPF 1000 anyone?

If you had seasonal affective disorder, the sun-days make for awesome sun-filled days of bliss! But the rest of the year, not so great. Training for a trip there means spending time at the North Pole — or at least close. My husband was raised in Anchorage AK, so long summer days are no stranger to him.

Triple Suns? What SPF is that? #scifi #science @kayelleallen

According to the HubbleSite news, a team of astronomers led by the University of Arizona has directly imaged with the SPHERE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope the first planet ever found in a wide orbit inside a triple-star system. The orbit of such a planet had been expected to be unstable, probably resulting in the planet being quickly ejected from the system. But somehow this one survives.

Research, Research, Research

Triple Suns? What SPF is that? #scifi #science @kayelleallen

Creating a believable world means research. Articles like this provide a good look at alien planets, and give me ideas for worlds to create. A world with triple suns exists outside the Tarthian Empire, in the Colonies of Man. Tour the major worlds in the Empire with the free book Tarthian Tour Company Top Stops.

In Top Stops, you’ll discover which planet the Terraformers Circle of Fellowship created first. You’ll discover which planets harbor mysterious ruins known as the “Gates of Life.” Do the ruins point to visitation by aliens, or settlement by common ancestors? The powerful Thieves’ Guild rules on at least one world. Visit Sanity IV — a planet torn apart, harvested to build new worlds. All roads lead to Tarth, the Empire’s capitol and shining star… plus much more.

Whether you love seeing the background of how science fiction worlds are built, or just enjoy a fun read set on different planets, Tarthian Tour Company Top Stops is for you.This book is available exclusively to members of the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group. Members have access to pages of my website not available to the public. Get your free copy here:

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