Babs Hightower of BabsBookBistro was an awesome personal assistant. She did a prodigious amount of work for me. She even took care of things for me over a long holiday weekend because I hadn’t had a break in literal years. When she died, it stunned me. She’d seemed healthy, energetic, eager to help, like always. But she was there one day and gone the next. Other authors she supported are also reeling.

Honoring Babs

Honoring Babs, an awesome Personal Assistant #PA #VA #GoFundMeIf we’re hurting, I can’t imagine how her family must feel. Her husband, Tommy, is a truck driver. There’s no way he can be gone that long now, so he’s looking for different work. Babs and Tommy had 3 kids at home, two of them special needs. She had a bazillion Huskies that she took care of. I’m not sure even she knew how many. She just fed and loved them and gave them baths and… OMG. Huskies. Gotta love ’em. In this picture, her husband’s shirt says “Hair on this shirt provided by my Siberian Husky.” How much you want to bet, Babs bought that shirt. That was her sense of humor.

Authors Keta Diablo, Amber Marr, Rue Allyn, and Marian Lanouette were also supported by this awesome lady. I’m not sure who  else she took care of. She was a combination mom, big sister, and no-nonsense boss. “Get to writing” she’d tell me. How I miss that!

Keta and Amber and I put together a Go Fund Me to help the family as Tommy adjusts to being Babs-less. The mom and grandmom (to a brand new grandbaby) is missed everywhere. We’d like to do whatever we can to help them. Babs would have moved heaven and earth to help us. Our very sincere thanks to Crystal at Reviews by Crystal for helping us set this up. When she heard we wanted to help Babs, she offered to do whatever we needed.

Will you give us a hand too? I know her family would be super grateful for anything you can do. Will you share this as another way to help?
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Here’s where you can help take a little of the load off this family.

Thank you for helping us help Babs!