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Anthologies Featuring Kayelle Allen

Anthologies are a great way to meet new readers and and a perfect opportunity to show your writing skill. Check out these anthologies and you might meet new-to-you authors!

2021 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists #SciFi #SpaceOpera 14 authors 4 countries

2021 SciFi Anthology: The Science Fiction Novelists

Genre: Scifi, Space Opera

Length:  220 pages

This anthology is a collection of twenty new science fiction stories written by fourteen authors in four countries. All are members of the Science Fiction Novelists Facebook group, as are the two professional editors.

Be prepared for adventurous wonder.
· Bits of terror
· Aliens
· Twisted reality
· Dystopian dust
· Whispers of fantasy, and
· Hard science.
Gun play? Yes, there's some of that too...

Find it at your favorite retailer in your country https://books2read.com/u/4jLdeY
Book page https://kayelleallen.com/anthology-sf-novelists-2021

The Expanding Universe 4: Space Adventure, Alien Contact, & Military Science Fiction #SciFi #SpaceOpera

The Expanding Universe 4 SciFi Anthology

Genre: Scifi, Space Opera

Length: 598 pages

20 remarkable stories. 20 award winning & bestselling authors.

One incredible science fiction collection to awaken your mind to infinite possibilities. Aliens, snipers, warships, royalty, intrigue. Battles fought with railguns, plasma beams, and blasters--with words--or even only within the mind.

The universe is expanding, and these are its fantastic stories, beyond our understanding, beyond time and space itself. What we do know should terrify us--and what we don't know can kill us. Yet human courage will take us beyond our limits—far beyond in deep space. Maybe even closer to home where the boundaries exist only in our minds.

More than 500 action-packed pages of never-a-dull-moment entertainment! When you discover we're not alone in the universe, will you be prepared? Grab your copy of The Expanding Universe Volume 4 today.

Available in print only https://amzn.to/3iSUs8J
Book page https://kayelleallen.com/anthology-expanding-universe4

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